Monday, April 18, 2011

A Dangerous Prayer

by Trisha Baxter on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 3:50pm. I came across this sometime ago in a book I read. I used to pray it often and need to pray it again. I challenge you to pray it as well. God will hear and answer our prayers. Are you ready to pray a dangerous prayer in faith that God will respond? Pray it often, declaring with your whole heart and expect God to move!

A Dangerous Prayer (By Jill Austin)

God tenderize my heart again so that I desire to return to You as my first love. Wherever my heart has drifted or got lukewarm, return me back to you God. I give you permission to do whatever it takes to make me wholly Yours! Set my heart on fire for You! Send a holy ambush of Your Spirit in my life to usher me out of the ruts that have hindered me from being a dreamer, a lover and a warrior.

Please forgive me for ( name anything in your life you need forgiveness for, being specific as you can be and take as long as you need). Thank you for Your total forgiveness of my sins. That is a precious gift to me.

How I ache to know You more, draw me close and speak tenederly to my heart. I want to develop a secret history with You, Lord. Captivate my heart with the gaze of Your eyes. I want to see You face to face, not through the lattice. Put Your seal on my heart so I am fully Yours.

Now Lord I ask your release the fiery whirlwind of Your presence with fresh impartation of Your heart into my heart. I ask you to revolutionize my life from the inside out. Let an earthquake in my heart, shake up the fallow ground. Let the lighting of God strike me so I become God-conscious instead of self-conscious.

Jesus I am ready to give up control of my life and put You in charge again. Forgive me for thinking that I know what is best for my life. It is hard for me to let go, the warfare has been so intense and the storms of klife so great. But I can see that my way is not working. I am heartsick about my life. I want to run to You and not from You. Give me grace an humily to accept Your timing in my life.

Burn in me a holy desperation and craving for You. I need a profound touch from You, a fresh baptism of fire from the Holy Spirit. I want a force field of Your glory surrounding me so I am dangerous for You God. Will You radiate Your love and power through my life so I can do exploits for Your glory as Your promised?

I am a carrier of Your glory and go outside the walls of the church, touching people in every arena of life. Lord I know the times and seasons we live in.

Let me see people through Your eyes and not my own; help me feel Your heart for those around me. Break my heart for the lost. Help revival to burn so deep in my spirit that others can't help but be changed by being around me.

I do not want buisness as usual, Jesus! I want a readical visitation from You. I want an open heaven over my life. Will You help me legislate Your mandates from heaven, to bring them to earth so I see things from your perspective and not my own? I am asking You for divine strategies so Your kingdom with come.

Open my eyes that I can see what is happening in the realm of the spirit. How I need keen discernement for the days I live in. I want to get Your plans, Your blueprints, so I do not build on the 'land mines' the enemy has planned for me.

I want my heart to bless Your heart and give You the love that You deserve. Awaken my heart to worship You. I want to be one who desire You only.

Lord, I want to give You my life no matter what the cost. Even as You died for me, help me be willing to die for You. You are worth everything I have. All that I am--my past, present and future--is at the foot of the cross. Take all of me.

Help me to be a dreamer with You, dreamer God.

Help me to be an extravagant lover of You, my Bridegroom.

Help me be a fierce warrior for You my King!


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