Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Created Equal

In the USA we say that all men are created equal...but that is not how we treat people...In the church, sadly, we really don't treat people equal. I have been in churches where race, education, statas, socail class and gender carried the weight. Basicly if you were a white, successful male that had all the nicer were a leader in the church...there was no place for anyone else...this was years ago and I wish I could say that was then, this is now, but there are still many churches that hold to lines of division among people and judge people for being who God created them to be.

I cannot change the fact God created me female and gave me a voice. I can't stop the passion that He has given me to share His message with whowever He opens the door for. I really don't want to debate women leaders in the church. I want to challenge you to look at what you believe about the roles of different people in your church...Could a woman share a message with the body...not be the pastor, share a message, could she be a pastor...would your church be open to someone of a different race, denomination coming in and sharing...what if the guest speaker arrived driving a broken down truck and in torn clothes, would his message be recieved?

Romans 2:11 says "For God shows no partiality." Thank God He treats all of us the same and died for each of us!

Lets try to do the same and treat each other with the respect that we want and love each other as Christ has loved us!

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