Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take God Out of Your Box!

We sing about, talk about a God that is powerful...He can move mountains and calm stormy seas, heal the cripple and make the blind to see. He not faced death, He conquered death and rose again...this is the God we praise...but where is He in our lives?? If we truly belive that God is all powerful and we believe the Bible is true from cover to cover and Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever...where are the miracles??Where are the answered prayers??? Where are the dreams come true???The healed hearts??? Where is the difference in us and in the world??? I think it is in the box...the box that we keep God know what i am talking about....that safe place He resides...we might open the box on SUnday, or in a crisis where we have tried everything but askiing God...but day to day...we keep Him in the box and the reality is the only way others know that we are followers of Christ is because we have told them...they see no difference, they don't see God moving in our lives or our lives are not different from what is there to draw them to God?? We are called to be aliens in this world, to be different, to be set apart...that is way beyond the surface, to being different to the core of who we are...the only way to live this life set apart for God as aliens in this world is to take God out of the box! We as believers need to take our limits off of God...He can do more than we can think or imagine...but we won't even dare to think He can or may be we don't think He cares... His love is amazing and His desire to move in our lives is real and overwhelming! He can meet us right where we are and He will, but He will change us and challenge us tobecome more like HIm...letting God out of the box means getting u ncomfortable....we have not arrived...we are on a journey and it is an adventure and it is fun at times, scary at times...but we are never alone...will you destroy the box that you have God in...let Him free to reign in your direct your steps, meet your needs and yes challenge the core of what you believe about Him....He is still powerful and He still changes life...can He change yours today??

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