Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Limit God

Recently God really began to speak to me about not limiting what God can do in my life and through my life. I am the type of person that likes to be involved and active in everything I do. Until the last few years, I was actively involved in ministry and then a change in churches, changed that. I have been frustrated because I felt like I was just sitting there on Sunday know just another face, a number, but really don't belong. Don't get me wrong, I love my church and God is growing me there, I have just had a hard time with not having a place there.

Anyway, all this leads up to I was limiting how God could use me. I was waiting for a person to ask me to do something, but God had already called me to something and I didn't need anyone to ask me to do it. Because of my limited vision of how God could use me, I was limiting what God could do through me. Psalm 78:39-41 says do not test God, the word for test there can also be translated "Limit". Do not limit God...that tells me we can limit God! We can refuse to do what He wants us to do and we limit Him. We are also told in Proverbs 23:7 that as man thinks, so he is...

I am not advocating name it claim it thinking...I am trying to say that we limit what we can do for God by what we think we can do...His vision for us is so much bigger than ours will ever be, we need to start looking through His eyes not ours! My Pastor says is you can do it on your own, it is probably not God's plan for you...His plan will require you to depend on Him to accomplish it, it will require faith! God will take you out of your comfort zone!

For my life, my limits on God were seeing my ministry as only flowing through my church. During my MIA from here, God showed me that my minsitry, at this time, is hands on with my family, being my husband's wife, keeping the house to please him, dressing to please him, and being a godly mother to my them in His ways and preparing them for His plan for their lives, teaching them not to limit Him!

The other part of this revelation was my writing. God told me to share His Word through my writing. Right now this is here, but I am trying to not limit what God may do, or where He may lead with this...I want to see this plan through His eyes and not limit Him!

To apply this to you today, how are you limiting God in your life? Where do you think He may want you to be, but can't see yourself there? Take some time with God today and ask Him to show you where you are limiting Him in your life and then ask for a glimpse of what He wants to do!

Father, help us to not limit You and Your plan for our lives by our small thinking! Help us learn to depend on You to do what we see as the impossible because through you all things are possible! IN Jesus Name! A-men

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