Monday, October 26, 2009

A High Price

Recently, I shared a post on here about my frustration of Christians picking and choosing what they would believe was for today from God's Word...this goes alone with that post in a way. I shared in that post that a friend had made the comment that she hoped God didn't expect her to dress in dresses or cover her head...she already does enough..

First, I want to preface all of this again with my belief is that we are saved by faith alone in the finished work of the cross...there are no strings attached to our salvation. Everything we do for Christ should come from a heart of gratitude and a desire to be obedient!

All of that said, my DH and I were having a conversation yesterday. God is really revealing new things to us...things that have been in His Word, but we have never paid attention to. I was sharing the above comment with him.

If we were strangers and I threw my son between you and a bullet meant for you, m y son died, but you were saved, how would you feel, what would you do? --My DH ask. I said, I would do anything I could to show my gratitude for your sacrifice. I would want to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your would never be enough, but I would spend the rest of my life trying to show you what it meant to me.--this was my response.

God sent His one and only Son to die for us! He made the ultimate sacrifice, not out of a sense of have to, but out of His desire to know us and be known by us! There is nothing we could ever do to repay Him, but we can honor Him and we can obey Him...not just as the One who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, but as our Father who loved us so much that He would make that sacrifice!

Who are we to say that anything that God ask us to do is too much? How can we ever say that we are already obeying enough? I think we are too worried about what this world thinks and not worried enough about what God thinks!

I pray we get our priorities in order...Paul told us we could not be men-pleasers and please God at the same time and Jesus Himself said we cannot serve two masters...we will love the one and hate the other...we are also chose to choose this day whom we will serve....we must be willing to make a commitment and come to a place of obedience no matter what the cost.

Lord, Make me willing to humbly obeyYour Word as You bring understanding to me. Bring to my remembrance the price Your Son paid for my salvation and give me a heart of gratitude and a desire to be obedient to You! May all I do bring honor to Your Name! In Jesus Name! A-men

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