Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day Of Prayer

In the United States today is a day that is set aside as the Day of Prayer for our Country. Today it is hard to believe that we are a Christian Nation. Our history is one of faith, but it doen't seem to be a priority in our country today!

As a parent what I see, is that my kids are taught tolerance for what God calls sin, the values that were instilled in my, not just in the home, but in school, at friends houses, extracurricular activities are not taught any more. The argument being that it is not the schools place to teach our kids values...yet that is where they are learning their values.

There is much on my heart on this National Day of prayer to pray for...wars, rumors of wars to come, the devestation of storms, the families that have lost loved ones, our govermental leaders, our schools, our kids and teens (they are our future you know!), our churches (it is time that church be about God and worshipping Him, not making us feel good!), our economy, our military men and women...but above all my prayer is for God to move in America in such a way that we will fall on our faces before Him and return to the foundations of our Country...Faith in God..In God we trust!!

What is your prayer for our country today?

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