Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Enough??

I am one of those people that like to beat myself up. When I am not in a good place I can remind myself of every bad, stupid, hurtful thing I have ever done...the enemy doesn't have to attack me, I will attack me. I look at myself and wonder if people really knew me, would they still like me? At these times I struggle to with how can God love me when I mess up so much? How can God love me when He knows all I have ever done?

As I was packing I came across something from years ago that reminded me of why God can love me anyway. I had a copied page from a book and this was the story...It is a dialog between God and the writer...

The writer ask, "God How can I possibly accept myself, knowing everything I have done?"
God's response "How can you not? If my Son's blood was enough to cover your past for me, who are you to say it is not enough for you?"

When we refuse to accept what God has done for us through the blood of His Son, we are saying that our standards are higher than God's! We can never measure up to impossible standards we set, but that is the point. Jesus died to pay the price, the debt is paid in full. We are totally accepted, our past all in Christ!

Another article suggested instead of sitting there listening to the reminders, thank the devil for reminding you...see when you remember what God has freed you from, you can more greatly appreciate what He did and give Him the glory!

So was the price Jesus paid on the cross good enough for you? That is the question we have to ask when we throw our own past in our faces...

It is good enough for God, who are we to say it is not good enough?

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