Monday, April 26, 2010

Hide and Seek

We just cleared some brush in the land behind our house and my husband cut paths into that field to allow me to get to the berries that will be coming on this summer. Yesterday we took our four year old out there to look around and we began a game of hide and seek with her.There are lots of small trees in the closed in area. It started with me and her running from tree to tree hiding from daddy.Then she was it and we were hiding from her....she thought this was the greatest game and loved hunting for us...mind you she was never out of our sight and really we were not hid where she couldn't find was just a game...we knew where she was at all times.

Last night as I was praying and sharing my day with God,He spoke to my heart about the games of hide and seek we play with Him...We are going down the road alone in the car and have that knee jerk reaction to a car cutting us off, we get short tempered with our loved ones behind closed doors, we gossip with our best friend, we tell that lie to protect ourselves, we keep our mouth shut when God is telling us to speak...we do all of this thinking , no one is something we think we are hiding...we are behind out little tree and no one can see us...but God reminded me that while we think no one can see us, just like I could see my daughter the whole time, He sees us the whole time!! There is no hiding from God! He knows everything we do, think, say and don't do! He says "Surely I am with you always, even until the end of the age!" (Matt. 28:20) There is no secret s from God!

Intellectually, we know that God sees everything we do, but practically we don't act like! Today, what would you do, say, think or not do differently remembering God is always with you and not only did He seek you out...He has found you!!

Lord, may my life today be in private what it is portrayed to be in public! Thank you for Your conviction with a simple game of Hide and seek. Soften my heart to your promptings and increase my desire for More and more of you!

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